Hi, my name is Kate Megee.

I am a Holistic Health Coach, Co-Active Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. I am so glad you are here. It is my absolute passion in life to help women get out of their heads, connect with their authentic selves, and start living a life of that feels happy, healthy and rewarding.

This passion comes from my own personal journey. I was bullied in my early teens which robbed me of my confidence and self-esteem. Top that with cystic acne into my mid-twenties and you can imagine the kind of negative soundtrack that I had playing in my head! I worried constantly about what people thought of me, criticised myself all the time, felt fat and ugly, compared myself to everyone, and deeply hated who I was. From the minute I woke up in the morning until the moment I fell asleep, the negative thoughts in my head drove me into the ground, belittled me and had me constantly questioning my self-worth. 

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I finally reached a point in my life where I simply didn’t want to feel this way another day. I no longer wanted to live my life filled with self-doubt, self hate and constant comparison. I knew I had to do something different and I came to realise that it was not about making my external world a perfect place but rather making my inside world a place I loved to live. I realised it was about looking inward and who I really was underneath all the terrible things I had come to think about myself. This was the beginning of my journey toward discovered the tools, habits and practices I needed to for self-love, self-acceptance and the courage to truly be all of who I am. 

And this is when my life truly began.

Fast forward to today and I have been traveling and living around the world for the past 11 years and happily married for 10. My life has been an incredible journey and at the same time filled with as many ups and downs as you can expect. Fear and doubt are still present in my life because with each new experience I have, and each transition I make into a newer version of myself, it is natural for this unknown place to bring up uncertainty and questions. These days however, fear and doubt are no longer the leaders in my life, they simply come along for the ride and I use them as tools to help guide me to living a life that feels truly aligned with who I am and to show up as the best version of me I can be. 

My journey from self-loathing to self-love has taught me the importance of taking care of body, mind and soul to live a truly fulfilled life. It is not just about eating well and exercising, it is so much about what we think, how we care for the inner unseen world of our beliefs, values and desires that determines that true level of happiness and joy. It is my honour to help you create this exact same alignment, feel your best, love your life and best of all, love all of who you are.

Let’s begin your journey today. 

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Professional Bio

Kate Megee holds a B. Science in Medical Imaging which offered her an in depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Her years working as a Radiographer in Australia fuelled her existing passion for health, well-being, and fitness as she dealt daily with the illness and disease bought on by unhealthy diets and lifestyle choices. 

Kate is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. Her work as a Health Coach led her to discover that so much of what we put in our bodies, how we feel and how we look, is not directly linked to what diet we are on, our willpower or our genetics, but rather, heavily influenced by every other aspect of our life. This led her to continue her education and become a Co-Active Life Coach with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London. 

Kate is also a 200 hr RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher), an accreditation recognised worldwide through the Yoga Alliance

Kate combines her unique skill set to provide transformational coaching and host international retreats that help women consciously create a life that is feels aligned in body, mind, and soul with who they are and discover a deeper meaning and purpose for their lives. Her work enables women to connect with their values, own personal wisdom bringing deep fulfilment and self-love to each of them.