Feeling energised, confident and motivated

Being free of self-doubt, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts  

Deeply loving your life and who you are 

Having all the tools you need to be the happiest, healthiest version of you for the rest of your life

Sounds amazing doesn't it! You know what sounds even better?

This is all possible for you! 

  • You go through periods of being committed to eating well and making healthy choices but then something happens and it all comes undone. You end up feeling fat, unhealthy and tired all over again and you are frustrated that you find yourself in the same unhappy position time after time. 
  • You find it hard to consistently stick with your health goals and to follow the dreams you have for your life. You get off to a good start but find that your old habits always kick back in.  
  • You are sick and tired of listening to the negative soundtrack playing in your head that tells you can't, you'll fail, you're useless, you're fat, no one will ever love you and more. 
  • You are ready to create big shifts in your life but feel overwhelmed about how and where to start, and secretly lack the belief that you can really change. 

I get it! You sound a lot like I once did!

Kate Megee

I was bullied in my early teens and had my confidence and self esteem destroyed. Top that with cystic acne into my mid twenties and you can imagine the kind of soundtrack I had playing in my head! I worried constantly about what people thought of me, criticised myself all the time, felt fat and ugly, and hated who I was. I woke up one day and simply couldn't take another minute feeling that way. I wanted more for my life and to simply feel happy every single day. Learn more about my story here. 

By learning how to nourish my body and mind, manage stress and my emotions, and by diving deep into personal development, that version of me is a valuable but distant memory today. On this journey I have discovered the tools that can help every woman live a vibrant, energetic, balanced, incredible life. One where she feels confident and healthy, has love in her life and enjoys habits that nourish and support her in creating the life she truly wants. 

That is why I have created my THRIVE coaching program so that you too can free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, unlock your innate self-motivation, feel and look your best, find self love that brings more love into your life and start living life the way you really want. 

Are you ready to THRIVE? 


Coach with me

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THRIVE is a one on one coaching program. I work with my clients to uncover the health of all areas of their life and work with them to understand the blocks and issues that stand in their way of living the way they truly desire. I create an action focused plan, unique to each client that allows them to experience great shifts in their lives. My clients develop strong, healthy habits for both body and mind, and implement lasting lifestyle changes that help them to continue living their new life long after the THRIVE program. 


THRIVE is designed for women who: 

  • Are ready to look and feel their absolute best and want to understand how to eat well and still enjoy foods they love
  • Want to feel beautiful and confident every single day and create habits that help them show up consistently for their goals
  • Are ready to take full ownership of their health, life and happiness
  • Long to free themselves from negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and instead feel fearless and self assured
  • Want to discover the tools to making vibrant health and happiness feel effortless and easy
  • Desire more love in their lives
  • Are searching for motivation and inspiration to help them get started and stay committed


My EMH approach

I believe that there are three key elements to living a vibrant, healthy, confident life. They are eating well to nourish and fuel our bodies, reach our desired weight and feel our best. It is moving our bodies to help reduce stress, find peace and space from our problems, tone and love our bodies. While these two elements create amazing changes in and of themselves the most important element is heal. Heal is the glue that holds everything together and the work done in this area is what will fuel our success, help us break free of old habits once and for all, and cultivate love in all areas of our life. While each client's journey and desires are unique, some of the things we may work through are: 

  • Learn how to create a healthy relationship with food
  • Understand how to live an 80/20 lifestyle that helps you lose weight, have more energy, feel great, and still get to enjoy the things you love
  • Learn how to create simple, healthy quick meals and how to maximize your time so that you aren’t always in the kitchen
  • Learn how to best nourish your body so that you have the energy to keep up with your busy life
  • Understand what foods you need to be including in order to be at your best weight
  • Create effective exercise routines and practices that keep things simple and give you the best results  
  • Learn how to create a loving relationship with exercise
  • Create a realistic approach that fits with your life and busy schedule
  • Discover new ways to move your body that creates a connection with yourself and builds self love
  • Unlock your own innate motivation and inspiration
  • Finally turn off the negative soundtrack in your head and discover possibility, positive solutions and self-belief
  • Remove blocks and limitations that stand in your way of building lasting healthy habits that support your growth and the life you want
  • Find confidence, learn to love your body and develop deep self love
  • Create a personalised action plan to always be living life the way you want
  • Learn how to nourish body, mind and soul for deep happiness and a life you absolutely love 




THRIVE program includes:

  • 12 x 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions in person, via Skype or by phone, to help you create the changes you want for your health and life
  • Email support between sessions to provide you with guidance and accountability to keep you on track with your goals and desires
  • Products, recipes, worksheets, books, and other personalised support material to help you easily integrate new habits and ideas
  • All the tools you need to create healthy, nourishing, lasting habits for body, mind and soul
  • My personal commitment to your health, happiness and success

What my clients are saying...


Are you ready to look and feel your best and step into a life you love?

Are you ready to THRIVE? 

Begin today with your complimentary breakthrough coaching session and discover your personal path to abundant health and happiness.