Create habits and beliefs that support your health, your happiness and the desires for your life. Learn how to get out of your own way and confidently step into the woman you truly are. Begin to navigate the challenges, ups and downs, and demands of your current life and find the clarity you need to start bringing your dreams to life.

Choose one of the programs below that feels right for you or start with a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more about working with me.

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ALIGN Intensive

A 3 day in person coaching experience that is designed to create an immediate shift in your life and align you with your hidden strengths and deepest desires. We powerfully set you up to take inspired action and create the life you are waiting to live, NOW.

Kate Megee

THRIVE Coaching

This 6 month one on one coaching program is designed to help you create habits and beliefs that support your health, happiness and desires for your life. By bringing health and awareness to body, mind and soul, you will get out of your own way and find the confidence to create a life of deep fulfilment, purpose and self love.


Start with a complimentary Discovery Call to answer all your questions and see if coaching is right for you.  


Client Testimonials

“Kate is awesome. It’s like she has read every self help, business, spiritual, and nutrition book and done all of the courses and you find all this knowledge and information rolled into one person. Even on my most anxious, low days, I was able to talk to her and come away feeling positive and with a plan of attack. Her gentle techniques get you to look at your life and assess things on your own and start to make changes in your life. I have more confidence in myself, trust my own decisions, understand my own self worth and have learnt to be patient and trust the journey”


“Kate is the most positive, caring and knowledgeable person I have ever met. It is so easy to talk to her and I found it so therapeutic to be able to voice my feelings and for her to understand. When I started this program I was feeling that my life had pretty much run it’s course and that there wasn’t anything to look forward to. Over the last 6 months Kate has guided the through all my doubts and negativities and has helped me enormously. I am more open to change, very motivated and confident. I love myself and the changes I have made”


“Kate is amazing and has truly and skillfully been the catalyst for great change for me and increased confidence in tackling thoughts and problems. I have read many a self-help book over the years but coaching with Kate has been by far the most valuable experience I’ve had in terms of becoming more grounded, centered, and confident with a far greater appreciation of my values, why I have thought the way I have in the past and a deeper connection with my own self worth. I have found more inner peace, self love, and more intuition around gut feelings, head versus heart, and knowing which ones to follow”


“The biggest shift I’ve experienced since working with Kate is the shift from reacting to life unconsciously to responding consciously. I’m now far more aware of why I’m thinking the way I am and how I’m responding. Specifically, I’ve learnt to separate the thoughts in my head to the ‘truths’ I know in my heart. I’m learning to tap into a calmer, more confident and knowing part of myself that has always been there but I’ve not regularly or consciously connected to before. Coaching has fit into my busy life and given me the chance to step back and assess things from another perspective. It’s given me breathing space to reassess how I’m living and decide what’s important for the future. All I can say is that whilst I’ve been working with Kate, I feel so much better inside and out”


“I reached out to Kate because I felt I had hit bottom in terms of my mental health and knew that I needed some serious and consistent support beyond psychotherapy that would help me figure out what drives me, how I function, what I need to put myself back together. The main result is intangible. It is a mindset shift from devaluing myself and my role in my marriage to valuing who I am, what I do and how I do it. The shift from feeling small and worthless to feeling that “I am enough” is huge and will affect everything from my marriage to creative endeavours going forward. I would recommend Kate’s coaching program to anyone who wants to dive deep and reacquaint themselves with the voice inside and is willing to answer the real questions that Kate poses”


“Wow. Where do I start? I feel amazing. I have the most energy I have had in a long time and I feel settled and set on my future goals. Kate has helped me to deal with things that in the past seemed too hard and I used to just give up and push them aside. Kate showed me that the things I wanted for my life were attainable and she helped me to acheive what I needed to acheive. She helped me to add structure to my life and I have seen massive improvements in my stress levels. She has helped me to make impressive changes in my life and has helped me more than she know. I feel fantastic and know that things will only improve with my second THRIVE program”