THRIVE Women's Retreat. Hungary, June 14th to 17th, 2018


Yoga. Coaching. Healthy Food. Time For You. 

Do you long to wake up every day feeling refreshed, full of energy and motivation?

Do you feel like there must be more to life but can’t see how to turn your desires into reality?

Do you wish that you could switch off the negative soundtrack in your mind that's holding you back from daily joy and happiness?

Would you simply love some time for yourself? 

If you answered yes to any of these then...

It’s time to get out of your head and into your body.

Relax, unwind and reconnect with what is truly important to you. 


So many of us are living our full, busy lives on autopilot. We are doing the best we can, trying to fit it all in but find ourselves overwhelmed, stuck and uninspired. Deep down we wish that things were different but find ourselves without the energy, resources or self-belief to make the changes we want to make. Well, not anymore! Now is your time to have it all and more. 

Join me for an amazing 3-day retreat at the stunning Catherine's Cottages in the gorgeous Hungarian countryside. Carve out time for yourself and reconnect with what is truly important to you.

Energize body, mind and soul with daily yoga, learn to nourish yourself with delicious, healthy food, discover practical tools to create healthy changes in any area of your life, and begin consciously creating the life you really want to be living. 

This is the perfect getaway for women looking to take time out, relax and unwind, meet like-minded women, find inspiration and a new direction for any area of their life.

You will return home feeling renewed, inspired and ready to create a life you truly love.



Eco Cottage

Catherine's Cottages is located one hour from Budapest. Nestled amongst lavender, grapevines and rose gardens it is the perfect location for a relaxing getaway. There are 3 room types available so that you can get exactly what you need from this weekend. You can choose to stay in your own private villa, share a villa or share a room. All villas come with their own bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and living space. Retreat ticket prices vary accordingly and are sold on a first come first serve basis. 



Kate Megee

Kate Megee is a Holistic Health Coach, Co-Active Life Coach and Yoga Teacher. She is dedicated to helping women create healthy change not only for their physical wellbeing but also their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

She believes that every woman is whole and perfect just as she is. Kate works with her clients to clarify their life vision, discover hidden strengths and values that they can use to consciously create their deepest desires while helping them dismantling self-doubt, negative self-talk, blocks and limiting beliefs. Her body, mind and soul approach allows her clients to connect with their inner strength and wisdom making inspired transformation possible. 



Retreat includes:

  • 3 nights accommodation at the gorgeous Catherine's Cottages staying in your own private villa or with friends.

  • Daily yoga classes

  • A healthy cooking workshop to teach you how to fuel yourself for energy and vitality

  • Group coaching sessions designed to help unlock your hidden strengths and create action around your dreams and desires

  • Optional one on one coaching session with Kate

  • A blissful 30 minute massage

  • Welcome reception and sunset BBQ on the first evening

  • Delicious, healthy breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner for the entire retreat

  • Farewell brunch and closing circle

  • Unlimited tea, beverages, and fruit

  • Transfers to and from the venue from a central location in Budapest

  • Plenty of free time to relax, swim and enjoy the amazing property

  • Farewell goodie bag

  • And more!

What's not included: 

  • Airfares to and from Hungary (if coming from abroad).

  • Alcoholic beverages




Early bird tickets on sale until April 25th, 2018. Ticket sales end May 12th. 

Space is limited and rooms are sold on a first come first serve basis. Book yours below. 

Shared Room in Shared Villa
660.00 725.00
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Private Room in Shared Villa
770.00 850.00
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Own Villa - Sisi Cottage
965.00 1,060.00
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Own Villa - Eco Cottage
999.00 1,099.00
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Own Villa - Joszi Cottage
999.00 1,099.00
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Own Villa - The Nest
999.00 1,099.00
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“This weekend has helped me to feel more positive about myself and I am starting to truly believe that I can do anything. I have a clearer mind about what is blocking me from moving forward. Kate is loving, caring, enthusiastic, motivation and inspirational. She is able to create a magical, loving space for everyone, bringing together all women and making them feel completely connected. I recommend her retreats to those who want to reconnect with themselves, get healthier and happier”


“This retreat has helped me to drive back to my healthy life. Kate is an inspiring woman who helps you destroy your boundaries and a woman to be followed. I would recommend Kate’s retreats to everybody who is unsure in her life and looking for some reflection, inspiration and energy to make change in her life”


“Attending this retreat has given me a sensation of physical strength and confidence in my body for the first time in years. Kate is warm, kind and enthusiastic. She adapted the retreat to the specific needs of the women attending in a smooth and imperceptible way, which really have the retreat deep meaning for the majority of the participants. Kate’s retreats are for those who want to disconnect from daily pressures in order to reconnect with their own needs; mental, physical and spiritual”



“ I have come away from this retreat feeling so much calmer, relaxed, refocused and happier in myself. Kate is thoughtful and has an amazing way of looking you in the eye and making you feel like whatever you are thinking is achievable, changeable or solvable. I would recommend her retreats to anyone looking to reconnect with herself”


“Attending this retreat has allowed me to speak out the conversation going on in my mind. Kate is a motivating, self confident, kind woman with such a beautiful passion for guiding people to live a more joyful and healthy life. Her retreats are perfect for those that want to unravel the conversations in their minds, drop down into themselves and see a clear path forward for their own self improvement and what actions they need to take”


“The biggest change for this weekend has been feeling stronger in my body already and being ready to bring the things I have learnt into my everyday life. Coming here this weekend has helped me to clear my head, focus on myself and my body, and discover what is good for me. Kate is warm, friendly, gorgeous, inspiring and amazing. I recommend her retreats to everyone!”