Everyday is a new beginning.




It's the start of the month and you know what I love about the 1st day of the month? Infact do you know what I love about the start of any day of the month? Each morning and each day is a fresh start. A new beginning. A chance to do things differently.

In recent years November has become synonymous with Movember. Usually the boys all pledge to grow a moustache during the month of November and raise much needed awareness and funding for Prostate Cancer and Men's Health. 

This morning I logged on to Facebook and saw an awesome post from one of my dearest friends, Susie Hooper. This year she will also be partaking in Movember and no she is not going to try to grow a 'stache!! Instead she has pledged to get active and MOVE everyday of the month! I LOVE it!! What a great initiative!! 

Why do I love this so much? 

Not only will Susie help raise awareness and cash for a great cause but she has also made a really awesome pledge to herself to MOVE everyday for a month. She has made a commitment to her health and her body. 

I love this because what Susie may or may not realise is that making this kind of commitment for a month will benefit her long terms desire to find a way to get more exercise and movement into her life and to be her healthiest self. 

I know that once she completes this month, she will see how we can easily find 20-30 minutes in our day to do some form of movement. Taking the dog or the children for a walk, a short run, a swim, a quick workout at the gym, taking the stairs at work, getting off the bus 2 stops early and walking home, trying a belly dancing class. Anything! Exercise doesn’t need to be hours at the gym. It should be fun and it can also be free! 

In one months time Susie will also see the benefits that this month of movement will have on her body and mind.  She will sleep better, feel better, have more energy and will have a chance everyday to clear her mind of life and work worries. 

Best of all, she will have started a very valuable routine or habit that I am positive will help inspire her to carry on long after November. 

"There is no perfect time to start doing something. NOW is the perfect time."  

I always feel that the start of the month is a great place for new beginnings but we can also find them in each new week and each new day. Every morning when we wake up we have a new set of choices to make and everything is up to us. How we choose to spend our time, what we give our energy and emotions too is totally up to us.

Congratulations Susie on helping others with your fundraising and for valuing yourself too. I’m proud of you honey and excited to see how you feel after your month of movement. You are an inspiration! I love you! 

Everyday is filled with choices. What new choice will you make this month?