Kate Megee


Hi, my name is Kate Megee and it is my mission to help women around the world live a life where they truly thrive. This has come from a very personal journey. I was bullied in my early teens and had my confidence and self esteem destroyed. Top that with cystic acne into my mid twenties and you can imagine the kind of negative soundtrack that I had playing in my head! I worried constantly about what people thought of me, criticised myself all the time, felt fat and ugly, compared myself to everyone, and deeply hated who I was. From the minute I woke up in the morning until the moment I fell asleep the voice in my head drove me into the ground, belittled me and made me question my own worth. 

"There came a day when I simply couldn't take another minute feeling that way" 

I wanted more for my life and to simply feel happy every single day. I finally realised that it was not the things around me or people in my life that could change the way I felt about myself and make me happy. After years of people pleasing and striving for my outside circumstances to be a certain way, I woke up to the fact that I had to change something on the inside to truly find happiness and self love. And so I began my journey of personal development and my true quest for happiness and self acceptance. 

Kate Megee

Fast forward to my thirties and I have been living abroad for 8 years and am lucky enough to be travelling around the world with my husband and his job. Happy to be living a dream I've long had for my life with only problem. Each move and the nuances of each new country bought on a feeling of alienation. As a way of comforting myself in these times, I turned to food. I'm a big fan of hamburgers and cheesecake. In the good times, I can eat these foods in a way that doesn't impact my health or weight, but in these challenging times they were my best friend! I would tell myself that it was just because I couldn't read the menu in this new language, or that I was in a hurry and it was quick to buy McDonalds. All rational excuses at the time. Slowly but surely, the clothes that I dragged around the world with me would get tighter and tighter to the point where I felt self conscious, fat and ugly. Not things you want to feel in a place where you already feel uncomfortable. Added to that I disliked myself so much I would avoid going out and this made it harder for me to make friends. An inevitable down hill slide would begin. 

"I'd then put myself on some super strict eating plan designed to help me drop the weight quickly so I could get back to being comfortable in social situations".

Kate Megee

I would lose the weight, my clothes would fit again and I would feel really good. I would be so happy with the healthy new habits I had created and so pleased with how I looked that I'd feel the need to celebrate all of my hard work. What that really meant was that I could finally have some cheesecake as a reward for all the months of restriction, denial and willpower I had just put myself through. Next thing I'd know, that celebration became relaxation and I was having a burger here, a "little" piece of cake there, and another burger here. I'm going to guess that you know where all of this leads!  Slowly but surely all of my old habits would come creeping back in and the whole cycle would start again. 

Around this time I also started to feel like something was missing from my life, that there was more that I could be doing and meaningful work I could find for myself. I also realised that I wasn't fully showing up as myself in my marriage. That I was hiding parts of my authentic self because of the scars I still had from my teenage years.

"So began the next phase of growth and exploration." 

Kate Megee

I sought the advice of mentors, books and coaches and discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. IIN was the perfect educational institution for me to learn how to make informed choices for my health and to help me break the cycle of weight gain and lose once and for all.  Best of all it gave me the amazing platform of becoming a Health Coach so that I can now share the wealth of information I have learned over the years about how to create lasting, nourishing habits for body and mind so that every woman can live a life she truly loves.

"By learning how to nourish my body and mind, manage stress and my emotions, and by diving deep into personal development, I have become the woman I am today." 

This journey has helped me to discover the tools that can help every woman live a vibrant, energetic, balanced, amazing life. One where she feels confident and healthy, has love in her life and enjoys habits that nourish and support her in creating the life she truly wants. 

That is why I have created my THRIVE coaching program so that you too can free yourself from limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, unlock your innate self-motivation, feel and look your best, find self love that brings more love into your life and helps you to start living life the way you really desire. 

Are you ready to look and feel your best and step into a life you love?

Are you ready to THRIVE? 

Begin today with your complimentary breakthrough coaching session and discover your personal path to abundant health and happiness.