3 Simple Practices To Quiet The Mind And Dial Down Anxiety


Do you ever have those days where before you’ve even opened your eyes you have an internal sense of dread, or overwhelm, or even anxiety? Mornings where you feel like you haven’t even started your day but you feel off or uneasy already? I get it. Me too. In fact on Sunday I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and the birds peaceful chirping outside and I felt emotional, anxious and troubled. I’d been awake for about 10 seconds!

So why do we wake up like that? What is making us feel those things? Why do you feel like that through out the day too? Let me tell you. It is our mind.

Watch this short Facebook Live video I did with 3 simple practices that you can do right now to quiet the voice in your head and dial down anxiety. 

These practices have major benefits for us in the war with our minds. Just like building your physical muscles when working out regularly, we can build our internal ‘’mind control” muscles by practicing these tools daily.