3 Easy Mindset Hacks To Get You Unstuck and Into Action


I recently told a friend of mine that there are no steps between doing nothing and taking action, that you just have to show up and get the things done! Then I wondered, is that really true? Do we just need a big old push of willpower to get our butts off the couch or am I missing something? After a few days sitting with this question I realised that actually, there are small steps we can take to help get access to that willpower and finally get ourselves moving. In this vlog I share 3 easy tools, or mindset hacks, that you can use right now to take you from zero to living your dream life.

It all begins and ends in the mind. Our dreams, our goals, our willpower, our beliefs and even our level of commitment to see things through. So the steps we need to take start with tweaks in the way we are interacting with our thoughts. If they aren't helpful, we aren't going anywhere! If we can relate to them in new ways, we can open ourselves up to having different feelings and ultimately to taking action and our life finally looking the way we want it to.

The tools I talked about are:

#1 - Address the stories/beliefs/fears in your mind and ask, is this really true? And then, where does this belief come from?

#2 - I am willing to have the following and take action any way:





Then, when I have those thoughts/feelings/sensations/urges I will remind myself that …(What is your why behind doing what you want to do?).

#3 - What is the tiniest step/action I can take to shift from this state to a new one?